Demonic Investigation & Assessment for demonic possession, demonic infestation and demonic oppression


“Dominus Iesus of 2000 AD” Declaration of the Holy See by then-Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (now-Benedict XVI, Pope emeritus) and Tarcisio Cardinal Bertone under the then-Pontificate of His Holiness John Paull II. “One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, One Church, Churches that remain united to the Catholic Church by means of the closest bonds of Apostolic Succession and a valid Eucharist are true particular Churches.”

Archbishop Ronald Feyl Enright

and The Sacred Order of Saint

Michael the Archangel – Order of

Exorcists is an autonomous and

independent branch of the Catholic

faith which derives from the ancient

Old Roman Catholic Church of the

12th Century.

Are You being Called?

Due to increasing requests for demonic investigations and assessments, we are recruiting priests, bishops, seminarians and CHRISTIAN paranormal investigators for membership in the Sacred Order of St. Michael the Archangel, Order of Exorcists.   Click on the Membership page to find out more about joining our team.

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Archbishop Feyl-Enright

Do you believe you or someone in your household may have symptoms of demonic possession, or other demonic issues?

Are you at that point where you find yourself in utter turmoil and emotional devastation? After you have seen a physician and had a thorough medical and psychological exam and have been given a clean bill of health but still have symptoms of demonic possession, you might want an Assessment by our organization.

The Order of Exorcists consist of many jurisdictions specializing in the “Ministry of Exorcism. Our Clergy member are appointed Exorcist for their jurisdiction, which are in 24 countries around the world. with Lead Assessment Team Investigators.

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Join Exorcist Archbishop Feyl-Enright as he reviews his illustrious career defeating the Demonic with his many friends and co-warriors from over the years.

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Every month you can dial into “The Unseen Realm” from Exorcist Archbishop Feyl-Enright as he reviews his recent demonic cases.

“Did you know that the concept of demonic possession has been present in various cultures and religions throughout history? The belief in supernatural beings taking control of individuals is not exclusive to one specific faith or region. It has been a topic of interest and concern for centuries, with accounts of exorcisms and spiritual battles against evil entities found in ancient texts and folklore worldwide.

Explore the world of physics and uncover the groundbreaking Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. This fundamental concept in quantum mechanics, proposed by Werner Heisenberg in 1927, states that the more precisely the position of a particle is known, the less precisely its momentum can be known, and vice versa. This principle, with its profound implications for our understanding of the behavior of particles at the quantum level, has sparked numerous exciting discoveries in the field of modern physics.

Regarding the promotion of “THE UNSEEN REALM” podcast with Archbishop Ronald Feyl Enright and a panel of experts in behavioral assessment, the intersection of clergy and psychological professionals in addressing cases of alleged demonic possession presents a unique and complex perspective on the human mind and spiritual beliefs. By exploring these cases through religious and scientific lenses, the podcast aims to shed light on the unseen forces that shape human behavior and experiences, offering a platform for discussion and analysis from diverse viewpoints.”

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The Exorcist’s Secret Journal by Archbishop Ron Feyl Enright published by Blurb Books

Find the Exorcist’s Secret Journal by Archbishop Ronald Feyl Enright at Blurb Books or on Amazon. Here is an Exorcist autobiography told for the first time with untold events of demonic possession behind closed doors.

Readers beware. All of the information in this non-fiction book is REAL DEMONIC EVENTS that have taken place over the past 40 years.

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