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Dear Order of Exorcists Members,

Welcome to the artwork page.  When I saw the letter from Archbishop Feyl asking us to use the OOE logo in our emails and on our websites (and in other materials), I realized that you all would need a way to download the logo (and possibly other artwork) in various resolutions (dpi).  Thus I created this page that will allow you to find & download logos in a variety of different resolutions.  Please see complete information about which logos to select in the next section below.

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Emily Andros

Media Online Director, SOSM

Order of Exorcists

Here’s a little bit of information about image resolution…which you will need to know, in order to know which version of the logo to select. The resolution of a photo is expressed in “Dots per inch” or “DPI”. The higher the number of dots per inch, the higher the resolution or quality of the photo. BUT how will you know which resolution to use and when? Here are the basics that will help you to decide which image resolution to use for your project: USE/DPI: Websites & Emails/72dpi, Inkjet or Laserjet printing/150dpi, Offset 4-color printing/300dpi or higher
PLEASE, if you find that you need a logo in a different size or resolution, please start with the highest quality logo or image that you have and resize it from there. If you start with a low quality image and increase its size, you will be reducing the quality (thus making it look really bad). If you don’t see what you need on this page, I’ll try to get you whatever you need if you send me an email with the following information in it: 1) Image you need (logo, photo, etc.) 2) FINAL size you want to use the logo or image in 3) What you want the logo for (website, email signature, letterhead printed in your office, brochure printed at a professional printer, etc.) 4) When you need it and 5) WHERE to send it to (email address).
Sometimes, if you end up needing a high resolution logo or image, I might not be able to email it to you. If that is what happens, I will send it to you via our large file transfer system at . If you go to that website now, you will see that it lets you send and receive larger files, without having to email them to someone.  That service is FREE.
One more important thing about resizing images….when you go to resize any image BE SURE to click your shift button (on a pc) or your command button (on a MAC) because that will MAINTAIN the correct proportions. If you have ever seen a photo that looks elongated or out of proportion, the person probably resized it without doing this. TRUST ME IT WILL LOOK ALOT BETTER IF YOU REMEMBER THIS ONE RULE.
If you need me for anything – I will be more than happy to try to help you in any way I can. My company does websites so if you need any help with your websites or other advertising materials, please feel free to contact me any time at

Order of Exorcists Logos & Artwork

Digital Logos – 72 dpi Artwork

10″ Logo – 72dpi (For digital use only)

ARTWORK - 10" Digital Logo - 72 dpi Artwork (For digital use only)

5″ logo – 72dpi (For digital use only)

2.5″ logo – 72dpi (For digital use only)

Print Logos – 150 dpi & 300 dpi Artwork

4.8″ Logo – 150dpi (For print use only – Ink or Laser Jet Printing)

2.4″ Logo – 300dpi (For HIGH resolution OFFSET Printing use only)

2.4" Logo - 300dpi (For HIGH resolution OFFSET Printing use only)