Join us in our upcoming event on Sunday, October 20 · 1 – 9:30pm EDT

Join Host and Ed and Lorraine Warren-trained demonologist and protege Jason McLeod, for an extreme immersive event you will never forget.

In the opening hours, McLeod will take you into the inner sanctum of the late, legendary Ed and Lorraine Warren by showing and telling you what training under them and what working alongside them was like.

You will hear audio from an intense case McLeod investigated with both Ed and Lorraine Warren in Vermont in 1990.

Learn McLeod’s perspective as he helps you understand his understanding about the science and spirituality behind the paranormal.

Following the introduction, real exorcists, deliverance ministers and demonologists will show you how and why inhuman, diabolical spirits invade our world, infest our homes, oppress our lives and cohabitate and possess our bodies and how to identify it and a stop it.

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Bijou Theatre

275 Fairfield Ave

Bridgeport, CT 06604

Ronald Feyl Enright…

In various corners of the world, a growing number of individuals have come forward with reports of unsettling encounters with demonic forces. It is disheartening to note that there is a concerning scarcity of clergy members willing to undertake the challenging yet crucial work in this specialized ministry. As we navigate these profound spiritual challenges, we humbly ask for your steadfast prayers to envelop our dedicated team and those in dire need of our services. Your support and intercession are invaluable as we strive to bring spiritual solace and assistance to those grappling with evil forces. In these times of uncertainty and spiritual warfare, we are deeply grateful for the unwavering support and prayers from individuals like you. Your solidarity and prayers serve as a beacon of hope and strength as we continue our mission to confront and dispel darkness with the light of faith and compassion. With heartfelt appreciation for your ongoing support and prayers, Archbishop Ronald Feyl Enright, SOSM.