Exorcism Interview

It is extremely important that you understand that we should be your last call for help. 

Before calling us, there are a number of steps you need to take to ensure you truly require our assistance including:

First Step: Get a complete and thorough medical exam.

Second Step: A complete and thorough psychological examination by no less than two psychologists or mental health therapists. These need to be performed in order to eliminate schizophrenia, epilepsy, disassociative disorders and any other illnesses which might mimic possession.


Please note the following physical changes which may indicate possession:

1. Subject exhibits precognition, the ability to predict future events.

2. Subject has changes in facial features.

3. Eyes become black at times.

4. Can read other people’s minds.

5. Symbols or writing appear on their body.

6. Animals show fear in their presence.

7. Speak in a unknown language.

8. Multiple voices come out of their mouth at the same time.

9. Inhuman strength.


Please note the following mental changes may indicate possession:

1. Subject’s behavior becomes more irritable and hostile.

2. Subjet may show an aversion to religious objects.

3. Body cutting behaviors.

4. Stopped caring for their personal hygiene.

5. Change personality.

6. Destroying objects, particularly religious ones.

7. Threatening, violent, and emotional outbursts.

8. Plays with there feces and urine.

9. Touching themselves inappropriately.

10. Multiple personalities.