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January 13, 2017

Dear Elite Prayer Warriors:

The following are prayer issues that require your immediate attention.

Issue 1

In a 1/1/17 message from Our Lady of Light, we are requested to pray:

“For the people of the world, you must watch and learn from the nations that have begun to turn themselves away from the devil and his new world order, for these nations are leading you to challenge the plan of the evil one.

For the nations who have chosen to turn away from the evil one and his demonic plans, you will recognize now the intervention of the Father and His Son in your affairs, in your governments, your institutions, your educational entities, and in all facets of your citizens’ lives that there is a new awareness of who the evil one and his minions truly are.

Now is the time to defeat the evil one and you as a people in each and every nation have an opportunity now to defeat the purveyors of darkness who have planned a feudal and draconian system for all peoples. But now the Heavenly Father is here to assist you through His Son to defeat the evil one, satan, also known as lucifer, and all the demons of the dark underworld.

For the people of the United States of America, you have an opportunity now, for the first time in over 100 years, to finally defeat the draconian system that has attempted to enslave all of you through your government, your economies, and your banking system, which has been covertly and sinisterly co-opted by the evil one and his minions.

Now for the first time in your lifetimes, you have chosen leaders in your executive and legislative branches who have the motivation to usurp the power from the dark forces and return your nation to a republic that stands within the Light of your Father in in Heaven, for His Son is intervening now in the affairs of your freedom and democracy to remove the evil one and his minions, who have been controlling and suppressing your interests for decades now.

Alas, the opportunity is now for you to achieve great prosperity and freedom if you pray powerfully and assist your chosen leaders who can restore your nation to its former greatness. However, you must be aware now that the evil one and his minions are thrust into chaos and confusion by recent events. At the moment that they thought the evil one had further secured his dominion over all of you, much to their surprise, goodness has prevailed.

You must recognize though that even within the reactions of many of your family members and friends that great hatred and anger seems to have possessed so many of your brothers and sisters that they are not clearly thinking in their desperation to explain to themselves why they have lost, for the

that great hatred and anger seems to have possessed so many of your brothers and sisters that they are not clearly thinking in their desperation to explain to themselves why they have lost, for they are living under an illusion that their leaders were the right choices for them, for they were deceived by the old ways, and so they, therefore, cannot see the direction of your country today moving toward the Light of the Father in Heaven.

Your country is in great danger now, not as much from outside sources, as from your very own people, who through their anger and hatred, their disillusionment with the results of you elections, and because they are so misguided by their own leader from the Other Side, even though they may not recognize that he is controlling their thoughts and behaviours, that they may act out with extreme prejudice against your newly elected officials. The forces of darkness and their leader, satan, is and will be encouraging them to act in the most violent ways against anyone, who they perceive as their own enemy, for they cannot see or recognize that they are acting out in the interests of the prince of darkness.

Your powerful prayers and your continued support for the new leaders in whom you believe is necessary for their protection as well as their ability to lead. Many of you may be confused by the direction of your country, because you are questioning the wisdom of your leaders, but rest assured that the Father in Heaven and His Son, your Redeemer, have chosen your leaders, even with their flaws, because the Father in Heaven has His plan in effect and the results will give you the assurances that you may now lack in your faith and trust in the direction of your country.

Prayer and support of the new direction of your country are essential, for you are now moving in thin the direction of a great transformation through your new leadership. But again, I must warn you that the forces of evil are desperate and dangerous now and are planning to sabotage your progress in the most sinister ways. It is up to you, the powerful prayerful warriors, to support your leaders who you discern are doing God’s work and to pray powerfully for their direction and guidance.”

Issue 2

As not reported by the news media, BO is provoking WWIII and once again prayers for peace are essential. BO, in order to try and provoke Russia into a war, did the following:

  1. Falsely accusing, with no proof, that the Russians hacked the 2016 election.
  2. Subsequently expelling 35 Russian diplomats based on no proof of wrongdoing.
  3. The suspected CIA assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey.
  4. The suspected CIA take down of the Russian military plane.
  5. Illegally employing sanctions against Russia with no proof of wrong doing
  6. Further as reported by Donbass International News Agency:

“The NATO war preparation against Russia, ‘Operation Atlantic Resolve’, is in full swing. 2,000 US tanks will be sent in coming days from Germany to Eastern Europe, and 1,600 US tanks are deployed to storage facilities in the Netherlands. At the same time, NATO countries are sending thousands of soldiers into Russian borders.

According to US Army Europe, 4,000 troops and 2,000 tanks will arrive in three US transport ships to Germany next weekend. From Bremerhaven, US troops and a huge amount of military material will be transported to Poland and other countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

The USA is sending to Russian borders 3rd Brigade of the 4th Infantry Division. Overall, more than 2,500 pieces of cargo are shipped to Germany, where those will be unloaded in the period January 6-8. US military material and troops will continue to Poland by rail and military convoys. Massive US military deployment should be ready by January 20.”

Even though NATO is clearly preparing for war against Russia, Ben Hodges, the US-European military commander accused Russia of being the ones preparing for war. Hodges listed the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the illegal annexation of the Crimea as the two reasons why the US is concerned. Obama needs to speak to his theater commanders more frequently as they cannot even get on the same page with regard to their reasons for war. Obama is only speaking directly to a hacked election for the reason, while Hodges blames geopolitical events.

For those who are willing to dig a little deeper, there is more. Three weeks ago, Russia Today reported the following:

“A total of 1,600 vehicles are due to be stored at a six-warehouse complex in the southeastern village of Eygelshoven, near the Belgian and German borders. The Eygelshoven facility was originally opened in 1985 during the Cold War when it was used by US troops to practice drills in case of a possible Soviet attack….Polish Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz announced that 4,000 US troops would be deployed to the western town of Zagan in January. And back in November, the US military sent over 600 containers of ammunition to Germany, the largest single shipment in more than 20 years.”

In another article on December 15, 2016, RT reported that”the development of Russia’s strategic nuclear forces in 2017 will be maintained at a level that would guarantee the containment of any aggression against the country,” said Valery Gerasimov, Chief of Russian General Staff and Deputy Defense Minister” This completely with what one of my sources told me a week ago when he said that Putin had moved tactical nukes near the borders of Poland and Lithuania. It is quite clear that any military incursion into Russian territory will be met with a nuclear response.

Please note that January 20th, the date of the anticipated completion of the deployment of OS troops to the Russian border is conveniently on Inauguration Day.

Of course, the Main Stream Media is silent on all of this and they wonder why their ratings are in the toilet.

Historical Precedent for the Present State of Extreme Volatility

The United States is outstanding at provoking war and making it look like it is the other country’s fault. One case in point has to do with the conduct of the US military in 1848. There was a border dispute in Texas between where the border would be located. Just like in Eastern Europe, both sides moved military forces. When the US-led Zachary Taylor forces, along with their horse patrols which were sent at full gallop toward the Mexican encampment, the Mexican opened fire and killed seven Americans. This became the provocation for the Mexican War which resulted in the US obtaining the American southwest.

History is repeating itself and there only needs to be the slightest provocation.


You can bet that the Russians will never allow the full consolidation of troops to be amassed at their border and that they will be inclined to act accordingly, which means to attack the NATO/US forces before they are fully in place and operational.

Three military sources, all confirmed fears that Putin would be a fool to let these forces complete their consolidation on his border.

Would you not agree that World War III is much closer than most realize? If you have stopped prepping, you may wish to resume because this could be all over within two weeks and the hostilities could commence at any time. We literally could go to bed one night in the next week and wake up to the world that has been plunged into World War III.

When war is imminent, Special Operations forces lead the way with behind the scenes sabotage which almost always takes place behind enemy lines. So, when we learn that Special Ops moved into a potential war zone, it can only mean only one thing. Special ops have been sent to the Russian border.

Please pray for divine intervention because if we do not have a miracle, we might have World War III. Please don’t give your consent for the coming war by doing nothing. Please pray for peace.

Issue 3

Please add Sister Marie Therese Gauraud Martinez to your prayer list. “I am going through a crisis of conscience and am struggling to continue on with my marriage. There are issues of trust which has been destroyed due to financial and emotional abuse. I am the victim and I’m struggling to heal. Please pray for me.”

Thank you for your prayer support.

In His Service,

Reverend Mother Susan, OSH

Order of Saint Hilda

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Mother Susan’s Blog Posting

October 8, 2016


THE ORDER OF SAINT HILDA is the sister organization to The Sacred Order of Saint Micheal the Archangel – Order of Exorcists

Dear Elite Prayer Warriors:

Rumor has it that the world is growing closer and closer to nuclear war. Rhetoric between the US and Russia is escalating. The biblical language in the Holy Scriptures says he who has ears hear. Listen to the echoes of what is being said:

1 The Epic Civilian Drill

Russia is conducting a drill that involves more than 40 million people and scenarios will cover biological, chemical, and nuclear emergencies.

The huge four-day “civil defense” drill has set alarm bells ringing in Washington and London, with tensions already high over disagreements in Syria.

Following a breakdown in communication between the USA and Russia, the Kremlin has now organized the huge emergency practice drill – either as a show of force or something more sinister.

The drill will prepare Russian citizens for “large natural and man-made disasters”, according to the country’s Ministry of Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disaster.

The ministry revealed 40 million civilians, 200,000 emergency rescuers and 50,000 units of equipment are involved in the war game, which is running from October 4 to October 7.

A spokesman said in a statement: “The main goal of the drill is to practice organization of management during civil defense events and emergency and fire management, to check the preparedness of management bodies and forces of civil on all levels to respond to natural and man-made disasters and to take civil defense measures.” An activity on that level, with 40 million civilians? Are you really convinced that is a drill? The logistics alone make me wonder if action is about to be taken.

2 The Deputy Commander of NATO and a US Admiral are worried

Back in May the former deputy commander of NATO, General Sir Alexander Richard Shirreff, warned about a major confrontation between Russia and the West. US Admiral James Stavridis, former Supreme Allied Commander Europe, echoed that view saying:

“Under President Putin, Russia has charted a dangerous course that, if it is allowed to continue, may lead inexorably to a clash with Nato. And that will mean a war that could so easily go nuclear.

3. Peace talks about a cease-fire in Syria have broken down

Talks between Washington and Moscow that aimed to broker a peaceful solution in Syria broke down completely last week.

The rift between the U.S. and Russia deepened Monday as the Obama administration quit talks over the failed cease-fire in Syria, saying Moscow’s role in the bombardment of Aleppo left nothing more to discuss.

The decision ends for now prospects for a truce and threatens to send the long war in a perilous new direction and makes hopes for a political settlement more distant

4 Russia is no longer participating in a nuclear disarmament agreement that has lasted since 2000.

Russia has backed out of a deal to convert 34 tons of weapons-grade plutonium into nuclear fuel each year.

Russia has just withdrawn from its agreement to dispose of enough weapons-grade plutonium to make 17,000 nuclear warheads.

And…they’re blaming the change of heart on the US.

In the year 2000, Russia and the United States agreed to end the arms race and each turns 34 metric tons of weapons-grade plutonium into reactor fuel every year. The agreement was re-affirmed in 2010.

In a statement, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the United states of creating “a threat to strategic stability, as a result of unfriendly actions towards Russia.”

5 Russia is gearing up in Syria

It was reported that Russia has positioned a battery of S300 in Syria.

The specific type is said to be S-300VM, also known as Antey-2500. These are specially designed for defending against ballistic- and cruise missiles. The system will be stationed near Tartus harbor and will protect the Syrian east coast as well as the Russian fleet in the eastern Mediterranean. These also have good capabilities against attacking planes. A volley cruise missile attack by the U.S. against the Syrian and Russian airports and air forces in Syria, discussed in various U.S. papers as the start of a “no-fly zone” war, will be severely hampered by this.

TASS, the Russian news agency confirmed this yesterday:

MOSCOW, October 4. /TASS/. One battery of the air defense system S-300 will provide protection for the Russian Navy’s logistic facility in Tartus and Russian ships off Syria’s shores, Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov told the media on Tuesday.

“It is true that one battery of the S-300 air defense systems has been delivered to Syria. It is to provide protection for the naval logistics facility in Tartus and the Russian Navy’s task force,” Konashenkov said.

6 Four different European militaries have had to head off Russian bombers.

A document released by the French Ministry of defense states that on September 22nd FOUR European countries scrambled fighter jets to head off two Russian Blackjack bombers. The bombers headed across the top of Scotland from Norway, before skirting Ireland’s west coast towards France and Spain. Norway, the UK, France and Spain all sent up fighters to intercept the jets.

According to the statement, the two bombers were first detected by Norway, which scrambled two F-16 jets to accompany them to the north of Scotland – where they were then intercepted by RAF Typhoon aircraft.

French Rafale fighter planes then picked up the bombers after they skirted Ireland’s west coast before Spain sent two F-18 jets to intercept the Russian planes north of Bilbao.

7 President Obama seems to be deliberately trying to provoke Putin.

This conflict is not just about Russia. Obama has put boots on the ground in Syria, aiding the rebels who want to overthrow the current government of a sovereign nation.

Provoking Putin takes things to a whole new level. It puts millions of more lives at risk, because what is currently a civil war could easily escalate into an international conflict with two superpowers on different sides.

8 Putin is provoking right back.

Recently, Russian stationed troops a mere 50 miles from the US border in Alaska.

Russia has been building its forces in the Arctic due to the natural resources present in the region but the latest move takes things to a whole new level. The forces are scheduled to be in place in less than two years time.

A defense meeting on Tuesday saw Sergei Shoigu, the Russian defense Minister admit that the decision to garrison troops in the area was actually made in 2015 and he confirmed the plans to push ahead with the formation of the Coastal defense division by 2018. The force will protect the coast from the Arctic in the north to the Primary Territory in the south.

It is fair to assume that the targets they had in 1983 will be the same targets as they have in 2018. They are strategic United States facilities that if nonoperational would hobble the United States defense capacity.

9 Satellites are being disabled.

The first step prior to invasion is to knock out communications. The US uses these satellites for military communications. If they are disabled, the military will not be able to communicate. Some say the satellites are disabled because of storms, some say China is disabling them.

It is time to beseech God to prevent nuclear war. Our rosary campaign is scheduled to end on October 10, only two days away. I think we need to extend it and add fasting. Imagine if your country looked like Syria, with bombed out buildings and debris everywhere. We need to do more to prevent that from happening, so we can stand before God and say we tried our best to stop it. Let us add a day of fast to our prayers this week. If you are too ill, fast between 6 pm and 11 am. If that is still too difficult for you, offer up some other sacrifice. Please, please, please continue with 8 rosaries a week through the end of the month.

Please note that the above information is found on the internet along with biblical prophecies found in Revelations combined with my own personal interpretation.

Blessings to you and yours,

Reverend Mother Susan, OSH