To be fully active in our ministry of exorcism, you must be available when needed and know both the MODEL and THE PROCESS:


a. Recruit team members locally, in your city

If you only have two or three members of your team or no members at all, you must start recruiting. The ideal investigation & assessment team should have six or more investigators. Use your computer and search on the Internet for "Christian" paranormal investigation groups in your area.

b. Get a website

There are many free websites you can get online. Make sure you let the public know who you are and what you do. Our old website was free: FREE ONLINE WEBSITE - or 

c. Get free online advertising

We can only help if the public knows we exist. There are many websites that will give you free advertising by doing what's called "link exchange"

If you have a Facebook account make sure you let your Facebook friends know what you do and encourage them to spread the word about your availability for demonic investigation in your city.

Start writing articles on what you do and posted it online. Start getting involved in social media and start posting.

If you work the model correctly, people in your city who have demonic issues will contact you directly. Then contact me with your case information and when you plan on working our process of demonic investigation and case assessment.


a. Pre-site investigation

This is the first of many steps in working the process of demonic investigation and assessment.

The Pre-site investigation is necessary when qualifying the case and the people involved. Use your computer and do an Internet search on every person in the household. Look for news articles, etc.

Do the same Internet search on the house. See if there is any history about the house and area that might help you when you make your assessment report.

b. First Contact Interview

Here is another important step in the process. Your voice will be the first they hear when you call for an appointment to work the process.

There is a number of reason why w don't do over the phone interviews. For one, all first contact interviews must be on video. In making my final assessment based on your assessment reports, which you would submit to my office, where I review looking for any outward manifestations. I pay special attention to how the person responses to every question on the questionnaire.

As you know, there are over 60 questions you must ask as I study the response on each question.

Each section of the questionnaire is important and must be recorded on video. Take your time with each question and make your notations.

c. Demonic Investigation

As in every part of the process, you must have everything on video as you and your team walk through the house make sure you stay together. Remember, we are looking for physical evidence which should be witnessed by everyone on your team.

Have at least one camera person, more would be better. Make sure to video every room, top to bottom and outside areas.

d. Assessment Report

This is the final step and most important. When preparing your assessment report, you should have all your team members give their input as to what they have experienced.

Collect all evidence; findings of your pre-site investigation, questionnaire, video, photos, etc. and prepare your report.

Medical and Psychological Reports are only required when the case is a possible demonic possession.

Never feel pressured when people tell you they are possessed by demons and want you to do an exorcism. You kindly tell them that there is a process you must follow and your main job is to collect the evidence and make an assessment report for further action.

Always remember, if a ritual of exorcism is done when the victim has no evidence of demonic possession, it can make the victim's condition worst. YOU CAN ALSO BE HELD LIABLE FOR THE VICTIM'S CONDITION.

This is why we have "THE PROCESS" for demonic investigation and case assessment.

So back to the question, are we "real" in what we do? I'm going to say YES!

Thank you, members, for your service to God and the Order of Exorcists.

May God bless you all,

Archbishop Ron Feyl Enright, SOSM